How to lose hip fat, or other body fat?

For the longest time I have heard that the way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. But then the confusion can set in. What kind of diet? And how much exercise is necessary, and what types of exercise? Are some exercises better than others in how to lose hip fat, or any other part of the body? What about yoga? I really enjoy doing yoga, but how does it compare to,  say, aerobics for fat loss? It would seem doing some combination of exercises would be better.

As far as diets go, I have heard that diets don’t really work. But I know that eating lots of junk food, sugar, and sweets will have an impact on health and body fat. Common sense says that eating natural, organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains can’t hurt. Fish and organic meats as well.

Is there a way diet can be combined with exercise to lose unwanted body fat?

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