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Hey thanks for checking out the site, for those who are interested in who I am I just thought I’d share some information about myself…

My name is Barry Gordon. In 2007 I was having panic attacks, and I searched the Internet for answers! After a lot of searching, I found a program that really worked for me.  Then I found that I could share it over the net with others, and that started my journey into Internet marketing. I have since created some helpful websites about hemorrhoid remedies (never had hemorrhoids) and tinnitus relief (that I do suffer from time to time).

Why did I start a website about ways to lose weight? After all, I am 6 ft. tall, 168 lbs. and I am slim! Well I have some friends. They struggle with their weight, and confide in me with their weight problems. I listen with compassion, and try to put in my two cents, but in the end I have no weight loss tips and usually don’t quite know what to advise.

What can I say to them – to eat what I eat? Every person is different, and I really cannot tell somebody else what or how to eat anymore than anybody else can tell this to me. But wait, I have already helped people with my other websites, so since what I do is review products on the net, why not review a product about how to lose weight including how to lose hip fat for people with weight-loss problems, like my friends? And I consider myself to be an expert reviewer. So I looked for a product to review that could potentially help my friends to burn fat, and others too. I think I found some ways to lose body fat that I hope are of value to you. That being said, I welcome you to How To Lose Hip

And now for a disclosure statement: The owner of this website (me) is an affiliate of the products recommended on this site.

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