How To Lose Hip Fat

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The Fat Burning Furnace by Rob Poulos Review

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Nearly all of us are concerned with losing weight and becoming more fit, and the number of diet books and programs offered for sale is good evidence for this. This would apply for how to lose hip fat as well. Unfortunately, most of these plans simply do not work, and after a period of frustration, you will simply slip back into your old habits, with nothing to show for your efforts but possibly a weight gain! Trying to find an effective program to burn fat and tone your muscles can be hard, but The Fat Burning Furnace may be just the solution you need for how to lose body fat. Rob Poulos has studied weight loss and muscle building for years, and has put his considerable experience and knowledge to work to give you a plan that will work.

Rob points out that the worst way to try to lose belly fat is by following a diet schedule. Most diets are so unrealistic that they are abandoned shortly after being started. The Fat Burning Furnace shows you how you can lose weight without counting a single calorie. A simple, but very effective way to regulate your portions is detailed in the book, and not only will this control your caloric intake without fancy calculations, it will also guarantee that you will not feel hungry during the day.

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Exercise is, of course, an important part of how to lose weight quickly. The Fat Burning Furnace gives you a complete guideline on exactly which exercises to do, how many sets and reps, and explains the difference between complete exercises and isolation exercises. You will come to understand exactly how these work together to produce the fat loss results you want. To make things even easier, Rob has photos of himself doing sets of exercises, so you can see exactly how they should be done. While it will be easier and quicker to achieve your weight and fat loss by using free weights or exercise machines, there is also a set of exercises that you can use with no other equipment than yourself and a towel.

Many people, especially women and those who are older, can really benefit from a good exercise program like that outlined in The Fat Burning Furnace, but hesitate because they think these exercises would be best for men. Nothing could be further from the truth – the exercises in The Fat Burning Furnace are designed to give everyone a great exercise program that will help them burn fat and build muscle. You need not fear about looking like some steroid-packed muscle man, either, these exercises will build up your muscles in a sensible way.

Now, while there is no ‘diet’ described in The Fat Burning Furnace, Rob does give you some excellent guidelines on what you should and should not eat. He provides a comprehensive list of the foods that will help you to achieve your goals, and how to determine portions without counting calories or depending on weird foods.

If you are serious about losing fat, building muscle, feeling energized and younger, you could find no better source than The Fat Burning Furnace.

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The Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Weight Loss

As I said in my About Me page, I am a slim guy. I did lose even some more weight though and would like to tell you what happened. I mentioned on my About Me page that I had panic attacks, and found a great way to overcome them naturally. It really worked, I found a way to diffuse the panic attack and stop it in it’s tracks. The problem is, the panic attacks just kept occurring. Why was that? In my case, I also suffered from IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I discovered that there is an intimate connection between the brain, and the gut. And my gut was out of whack. After a lot of web surfing, I discovered the Specific Carbohydrate Diet as detailed in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elane Gottschall.

The SCD diet proscribes a diet where certain foods are labeled “illegal” including sugar, grains, fluid milk, tofu, rice to mention a few. Then there are the legal foods which can include Swiss cheese, meats, fish, vegetables (not all), dry white wine, and honey. I consider it to be a healthy diet I went on this diet, and for several weeks had intense cravings for something, almost like undergoing nicotine withdrawal. I remember walking by a Coke machine at the movie theater, and craving a Coke – the thing is, I never drink Coke! But I was getting better, and my IBS was clearing up. So were my panic attacks!

I must advise you that before embarking on any dietary change, to check with your doctor. This article has been written for educational purposes only; I cannot give any medical advice whatsoever.

In the process of being on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, I did lose some weight. I was becoming even slimmer, and I felt great. This is one way how to lose hip fat for sure! My lady friend was concerned about me, especially after a friend of hers died from anorexia, and she convinced me to start eating some other foods than those proscribed by the diet.  So I began eating some rice, potatoes, etc. and regained some pounds. I still felt pretty good, my IBS cleared up, and I resumed eating a variety of foods with one exception – I have cut way down on sugar. I believe my sugar addiction to have been the main cause of my IBS.

How to lose hip fat, or other body fat?

For the longest time I have heard that the way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. But then the confusion can set in. What kind of diet? And how much exercise is necessary, and what types of exercise? Are some exercises better than others in how to lose hip fat, or any other part of the body? What about yoga? I really enjoy doing yoga, but how does it compare to,  say, aerobics for fat loss? It would seem doing some combination of exercises would be better.

As far as diets go, I have heard that diets don’t really work. But I know that eating lots of junk food, sugar, and sweets will have an impact on health and body fat. Common sense says that eating natural, organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains can’t hurt. Fish and organic meats as well.

Is there a way diet can be combined with exercise to lose unwanted body fat?